A short film about love, loss & movin’ on.
Genre: Drama when it needs to be, comedy when it can’t help it.
Total Running Time: 16:23
Format: 2K / 1.85:1 / 23.98fps / 5.1 Surround Sound
Logline: Cancer patient Hannah fears her husband Elwood will have no one to care for him after she’s gone. Long suspecting Elwood had feelings for another man in his youth, Hannah sets out to find his unrequited love in hopes of reuniting them.
Starring Sarah Lilly, Warren Sweeney, César Carmona & Alex Egan
Directed by John Ira Palmer
Written by Youthana Yuos & John Ira Palmer
Produced by Gracie Corapi & John Ira Palmer
Cinematography by Adriana Serrato
Production Design by Sara Fenton & Andrew Thiels
Edited by Meibei Liu
Original Music Composed by J.R. Schwartz
Costume Design by Shealyn Biron
Production Sound Mixing by Lydia Lane
Sound Design & Editing by Ryan Vaughan
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